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Eplay-Caning-Inhale - Bundle (4 Parts)

pissplay domination
pissplay dominationEplay-Caning-Inhale - Bundle (4 Parts)Eplay-Caning-Inhale - Bundle (4 Parts)Eplay-Caning-Inhale - Bundle (4 Parts)
29,00 € pro Stück

Lady Mephista

Part 1+2

Strictly bound on the chair with a white leathermask over his head the slave is at the mercy of Lady Mephista and has to undergo a cruel electro therapy...

Part 3

Lady Mephista straps her slave on a special bondage furniture in a way that he´s forded to present his vulnerable back and secures him so he´s unable to move, then she´s giving him a caning he will not forget...

Part 4

Lady Mephista secures her slave in a cling film bondage and let him inhale his piss with a special mask...

Gesamtlänge: 37:01 min
Format: mp4
Auflösung: 1280x720 px
Sprache: German

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