Doktor Gracenstein - Bundle Part 1-3

Mistress fills up her piss in a bottle
Mistress fills up her piss in a bottleclinic session with doctor lady graceurethra dildo in a clinic sessionmistress in a red latex dress is whipping the ass of her slave
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Lady Grace

Part 1:

An intensive investigation by her expert hands with sharp and blunt instruments. The very erected  patient must go to some though stress tests with leather utensils, Control of the breath in and breath out by gags and tubes. The investigation of his sensitive nipples and with applying nipple clamps for more sensations and at least to delate the urethra with a very long sounds with subsequent vibration. To make matters worse, she is blindfoolding him and now he is entirely handed over to the hands of Doctor Grace. But instead of being heavy in pain, this patient enjoys the treatment obviously.

The movements of his pelvis leaves no doubt

Part 2

stretched out on the operating table, the back side is helpless in bondage and the defenseless ass is delivered for Doctor Grace examination . First she takes care of a thorough cleansing of the operation area. The Rosette input must be freed of disturbing hair. The cold instruments penetrates the ass. She uses them expertly and with up and down movements she stretches the little sensitive hole, so that the next larger instrument can be introduced. She also ensures a circulation-stimulating massage on the  back skin  of her patient by various percussion instruments.

Part 3:

The treatment requires that the patient is tied again on the gynecological examination chair. An important oxygen therapy is needed. A special mask with a tube leads to Lady Graces golden drops and the patient has to inhale only her special scents. This has a positive effect on his lust. But Frau Doktor Grace has perfidious ideas! With a strapon she takes care of the helpless patient. In perfect angle she uses him and stick the strapon in his ass. She pushes him to the bitter end and the last drop!

Total Length: 31:00 min, 3 Parts
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280x720 px
Language: Deutsch

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