Doctor Gracenstein - Part 1

clinic session with doctor lady grace
clinic session with doctor lady gracemistress is preparing the gagurethra dildo in a clinic session
14,99 € each

Lady Grace

An intensive investigation by the expert hands of Doctor Grace with sharp and blunt instruments.

The very erected patient must go through some though stress tests with leather utensils. Control of the breath in and breath out by gags and tubes.
The investigation of his sensitive nipples and with applying nipple clamps for more sensations - and at least to delate the urethra with a very long sounds with subsequent vibration. To make matters worse, she is blindfoolding him and now he is entirely handed over to the hands of Doctor Grace.
But instead of being heavy in pain, this patient enjoys the treatment obviously. The movements of his pelvis leaves no doubt

Format: mp4
Auflösung: 1280x720 px
Sprache: Deutsch

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