Doctor Gracenstein - Part 2

preparing the ass of the slave for a good spanking
preparing the ass of the slave for a good spankingmistress in a red latex dress is whipping the ass of her slavemistress in a red latex uniform is inserting the anal plug in the ass of her slave
11,99 € each

Lady Grace

stretched out on the operating table, the back side is helpless in bondage and the defenseless ass is delivered for Doctor Grace examination . First she takes care of a thorough cleansing of the operation area. The Rosette input must be freed of disturbing hair.

The cold instruments penetrates the ass. She uses them expertly and with up and down movements she stretches the little sensitive hole, so that the next larger instrument can be introduced. She also ensures a circulation-stimulating massage on the  back skin  of her patient by various percussion instruments.

Length: 08:14 min
Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280x720 px
Language: German

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